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About Us 

Phillip Wanat Sr. began working in the marine industry in the late 1980s at a local shipyard on the North Fork of Long Island, New York. Over the following years he became well known for his work, and customer satisfaction. Eventually the opportunity to create his own business based around engine service and sales presented itself, and in 1983 East End Diesel was founded. East End Diesel specialized in the service of marine, industrial, and irrigation engines, as well as marine generators, industrial, and stand-by gensets, not too far from the shipyard where he had started.


East End Diesel soon became a company whose service and expertise was sought by the most discerning sportfish and motor yacht owners in the New York area. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s Phil Sr. began servicing marine transmissions. East End Diesel soon obtained dealerships for some of the largest and well known manufacturers of diesel engines, generators, and transmissions, including the likes of Detroit Diesel and Cummins.

East End Diesel soon began expanding, adding several service technicians, and service writers. Eventually it was time to expand the location as well. Phil Sr. moved East End Diesel headquarters from Mattituck NY, to East Marion NY. The East Marion location not only gave them an expanded shop and office area, but also provided deep water dockage for customers. East End Diesel continued to maintain a record of expertise and satisfaction with their customers throughout the 90s, which continued to expand East End Diesel as a whole over the years via word of mouth.


In the late 1990s Phil Sr. decided it was time for a new location, and a new company name, as the company no longer only serviced the east end of Long Island. In 1999 Diesel Power Services was formed, with a new location as well. Diesel Power Services began servicing sportfish and motor yachts up and down the east coat of the United States and the Caribbean. Throughout the 90s DPS added more dealerships, employees, and customers to its already extensive track record.


In the early 2000s times began to change, mobile service was taking over shop service, but also the customer base was changing as well. The days of the mid-sized sportfish and motoryacht (owner operators) were fading, and technology was manufacturers to be more competitive with their products. Yet due to the reputation DPS had created over the previous years, their expertise was requested in the large yacht sector. During the financial crisis of the 2000s, the mid range customer faded all but completely, but the large yacht sector was just beginning to take off. DPS was able to position themselves to provide the level of expertise and service that the large yacht sector was looking for, specifically in the New York, New England area. Although many companies during this time were closing their doors altogether, DPS restructured. This restructure allowed DPS to thrive in the emerging and rapidly growing mega yacht sector.


Just after 2010 DPS began reciving requests to service the same customers in their winter season locations. Over the next few years enough requests were made that it became feasible to move some of the mobile fleet south. In 2012 DPS had enough existing customers that wintered in south, and new customers that it was clear, the time to open a new location in south Florida was here. In 2014 Diesel Power Services was restructured to Diesel Power Services of NY, and Diesel Power Services of FLA. Since the inception of the southern branch, DPS of FLA has continued to grow via word of mouth by simply following the tradition of customer service and expertise that Phil Sr. implemented with the original company. 


Today the Diesel Power Services Group has both a New York and South Florida location. The New York location allows for the service of vessels in the New York/New England area during the summer months. The South Florida location allows for the service of the same vessels that summer in the north, as well as Florida based customers, during the winter months. The DPS Group today provides service to the customer within these areas, as well as West Coast United States, Caribbean, the Med, and essentially anywhere in the world our customers request our services.

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